Dell Laptop Repair Sydney

As long as you have Dell’s warranty, no problem. Nevertheless, remember that this is not a quick process. Dell will first try to fix the issue over the phone with a remote IT professional who will read the script until your patience is properly screened. After a couple of hours, several departments will try again to ask you to re-install Windows first and delete all your valuable files … then you will be asked to ship your laptop to Dell if you don’t have additional warranty options.

Now, let’s look at our Service

We are based in Sydney so that means we are a local dell laptop repair center in Sydney and easy to reachable. Our store is all about customer service oriented and live and breathe for a positive reputation. Local Dell Laptop Repair Shops like us are great considering they are local! You can pop it in, fix it, and you don’t have to worry about calling tech support or booting up your Dell laptop.